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Hi everyone!

Long time no see, haha. Um, so I know we've been MIA for a while, and I'm dreadfully sorry about that. However, as I'm sure we've all heard, ladyjaida and dorkorific are working on a new installment of SBP, and so I says to myself, I says, "I should update AAM!"

And so I shall!

But it's up to you, gentle reader, to provide us with fresh, new, piping-hot questions to ask the Marauders! So anything you want to ask, anything at all, go ahead and pose the question here, please!

Thank you guys so much!
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*happy to hear about an update*
Hmm... *shifty eyes* I will have to try to come up with a question...
HOLY PSYCHIC THOUGHTS, BATMAN. I was just thinking to myself, "Self, whatever happened to Ask a Maraduer? Remember when I made a cameo? They should really update soon!" and LO AND BEHOLD, WHAT IS ON MY FLIST BUT A PROMISE OF AN UPDATE.
YES! I am giddy at the news.

To the boys, in general: The Muggle Cinema is wonderful place. You should go (if you haven't already). Favorite genre of film?


October 22 2007, 01:54:59 UTC 10 years ago

To everyone: How do you take your tea/ coffee?

And: What would your ideal vacation spot be?


March 21 2008, 03:34:12 UTC 9 years ago

To everyone...How do you ask someone out?
OMJ! Major excitment over new SBP! Where/when will it be posted? And it left off from part 26, correct?