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Ask A Marauder...


Ask A Marauder
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Welcome to Ask A Marauder!

(banner art by buttfacemakani, layout by beth_icons.)

The community inspired by dear_dean, shoebox_project, and Franz Ferdinand Webchat Q & A's.

Please friend the community. Don't ask to join.
And this is a joke, guys. It's meant to be funny. Remember, this is during the Marauders' Hogwarts Era, so none of that serious stuff hasd happened yet.

Post any of your questions to the Marauders here.

But first, let's introduce you to our reporters!

MURDEROUS TEA (who has her notebook stolen by xmindthegapx)

+Murderous Tea is a she.

+Murderous Tea is decidedly ambiguous. She begins her narratives with "This reporter..." so get used to it.
It's like Sunny from A Series of Unfortunate Events. Anyone? Anyone?
[cue crickets]
Okay, so maybe not.

+Murderous Tea works for the Weekly Lacrimose, a very provincial newspaper in the suburbs of San Diego. She came to England to interview the Marauders, and to secretly search for a new job.

+Her partner-in-crime is the very debonair

FUCHSIA BARRINGTON, ESQ. (who has her notebook stolen by brownsaucesambo)

+Fuchsia Barrington, Esq. is a... well...
Fuchsia's a girl's name, but "Esquire" is a title for men. You figure it out. Pussy Braden, anyone? Anyone?

+Fuchsia Barrington, Esq. was a staff writer for the obscure journal, The Daily Copacetic, but abandoned it for the opportunity to interview the Marauders, and to start her own journal.


As the series progresses, you will be able to learn more about our reporters, though we'd prefer that they not be the main focus.

Also, we're not really the Marauders.

Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling, Warner Brothers, and Scholastic.